What Are Circumcision Scars?

All of the medical surgeries leave behind some kind of mark or scar. At many times these are minor and are not deep enough to cause permanent damage. But on several occasions, the scars can be skin deep, takes longer time to heal and can be visible forever.

Why Circumcision scars occur?

There are situations after circumcision surgery for adults where complications can develop. Many of the after surgery complexities can reduce and even go away but there are some which can remain at their original state even of a very long time has passed. Circumcision scars occur when the surgeon has not used the proper method to remove the skin.

Why Scars are different after circumcision surgery for adults?

Different tools and methods leave distinct scars on the foreskin of the penis. The scar is also determined by the length of the skin removed during the surgical procedure. Scar mark closer to the head means that not enough skin is cut.

Sleeve Resection Surgery

The conventional method of removing the skin by the circumcision doctor is the sleeve resection. The surgeon stretches the skin in the head of the penis. Then mark the length to be removed and with a scalpel cuts the extra skin. If the cutting is not accurate then the scar can be uneven.

Dorsal Slit

In the dorsal slit method; the skin is first separated widely and then a cut is made vertically. Then the skin is removed by surgical scissors in a circular way. This method is used to relieve patients with Paraphimosis.

Gomco Clamp and Mogen clamp device

These are two clams that are placed on the penis and the skin to be cut is stretched, a protective cap is fixed on the head and then the extra skin is removed. Afterwards, the surgeon will stitch it up.

Bloodless and Painless Tools

Doctors are using the latest devices that are virtually bloodless and painless. These tools include Unicirc, Accucirc and PrePex; that can be applied to the patient. They cut the flow of blood by numbing the area.

What are the Different Types of Scars?

Circumcision scars also happen because the surgeon is not skilled enough. So it is crucial that you find a surgeon who has the experience and talent to perform the surgery with precision. The one clinic that you can consider is the Circumcision Center. But if you fail to do so then you can get the following kinds of scars.

Scaring of the Tissue

The tissue of the skin around the stitches can become tough and dense. This scar can look like a bump on the edge of the incision. It looks very ugly because it never heals completely.

Stitches Cicatrices

Surgeon after adult circumcision uses different kinds of stitches to reattach the skin to the shaft of the penis. Some stitches are dissolvable but others can be of low quality and can Cicatrices.

Development of Keloids

At many times the scars can become very thick and can look like tumors on the penis. But they are not as dangerous as you might presume them to be. Additional surgery is required to remove it.

Discoloration of the Skin

It has been observed many times that the newly circumcised part has a different color from the rest of the penis. In the same way, the color of the scar can either be dark or light. This can fade away with the passage of time.

Can the Scar Disappear?

Majority of the scars disappear after a few weeks of the surgery as the healing process progresses. But many things can complicate it. Scratching the area can disturb the healing, smoking and drinking make the wound venerable.

Does Additional Surgery Help with Scars?

In order to remove the circumcision scar, additional surgery is done. The plastic surgeon can help you in this matter. You have to wait for the circumcised penis to heal completely before decide to correct the scars.

What to do to Reduce Scar Cicatrices?

There are ways other than surgery to reduce the marks of the circumcision scars. These methods will not only help to protect the penis from infections and also lower the visibility of the scars.

Washing the Penis

Until the healing process is complete; you have to clean the penis regularly. It is recommended that you use mild soap and water to wash the penis to avoid infections and irritation of the skin.

Eat Food with Vitamin E

Taking the right diet is very essential especially after surgery. The doctors suggest eating healthy food that contains vitamin E. It helps to reduce the effects of scars; also vitamin E supplements are a good source.

Use Scar Oils

If the skin is moist then the scars can heal quickly so there are many oils available that are helpful to keep the penis moist that ease the pain of scaring.

Skin Lightening Creams

For the color difference of the scar, you can use lightening cream. You have to ask your surgeon about its use.

Results of Scars of Circumcision Before and After

The results of scars of circumcision surgery for adults are different depending on the technique and method. So if you want to have minimum negative effects of the scars then carefully choose your surgeon and tool.