The Best Fitness Websites for Men

In today’s day and age, men as well as women are looking to stay in shape. But in the information society of today, how does the on the go man stay in touch with fitness? That’s why there are fitness websites for men. Far gone are the days when you need to hire a physical trainer if you want to learn about building muscle and achieving physical fitness. If you didn’t hire a fitness personal trainer, you had to go to some school to get an education in exercise science and kinesiology. Now on the internet, there are a plethora of health and fitness articles, websites and blogs, all that you can read for free. If you ask, there are far too many of them in fact, and unfortunately, there are many are downright bad. This is a secret to losing weight fast.

With that in mind, there are a lot of men’s fitness websites that will teach everything you could possibly want to know about men’s health and fitness. Here are some of the best. is an online website based in Boise, Idaho. The site specializes in providing dietary supplements, sports supplements, and bodybuilding supplements. is easily one of the internet’s most visited health and fitness websites, with over 1 million daily visitors, is easily one of the best fitness websites for men.

Men’s Fitness

mens fitness

Another one of the best fitness websites for men is Men’s Fitness. The online publication is a guy’s fitness website published by American Media, Inc and established in the USA in 1987. The publication’s slogan is “How the Best Man Wins”.

Men’s Journal

mens journal

Men’s Journal is an once per month men’s diet and lifestyle publication targeted outdoor leisure and constituting editorials on the great outdoors, ecological issues, fitness and health, style and fashion trends, and tools. The online version is equally as informative.

The NY Times Well Blog


The website deals with healthy and balanced living, illness, and physical activity, to name a few great pieces. It also features articles and advice from the world-renowned health care professionals. Yet another great fitness website for both men AND women.

Muscle & Fitness

muscle and fitness logo

Muscle and Fitness resembles Men’s Fitness in many ways. However, their internet material is slightly more outstanding. This site is totally designed to help men get in the condition they want. This specific website gives workout tips, health and nutrition information, and the site also provides coverage of supplement use thoroughly.

Ultimately Fitness Websites for Men

The bottom line is this. In today’s busy and connected world, men are actively browsing the web for new health and lifestyle inspired websites to look and feel their best life.