Symptoms of Lung Cancer

In men and women, lung cancer is the second most common type of cancer, and most of the deaths are caused by lung cancer among men and women. The death rate caused by lung cancer is far more, greater than breast cancer and prostate cancer. There are many symptoms of lung cancer, but these symptoms may not appear at early stages until the disease is advanced. Symptoms of lung cancer appear in the chest and elsewhere in the body.

smokers get lung cancer

Symptoms which are inside the chest are as follows:

  • Pain occurs in the chest, shoulder, or back not related to pain caused by coughing.
  • Coughing occurs especially if it persists or it may become intense.
  • Some lung problems such as bronchitis or pneumonia
  • Sudden voice changes
  • Phlegm or mucus due to coughing if it is mixed with blood

Moreover if the original cancer has spread the person feels symptoms in the other parts of the body such as brain, liver, adrenal glands. Symptoms which are elsewhere in the body are as follows:

  • Weight loss and unexplained loss of appetite
  • Pains in head, bones or joint pain
  • Some of the bone fractures unrelated to accidental fracture
  • Memory loss and unsteady gait
  • Swelling on face and neck
  • Weakness, dizziness and nausea
  • Blood clots and bleeding

Most of the lung cancer which are caused by smoking or other environmental factors could be prevented at early stages. Most of the times it is not clear whether you can reduce cancer risk , those cancers which were found at early stages have now spread widely and have reached advanced stage. These types of cancers are hard to be cured but doctors are working hard to overcome these cancers and have found tests for curing this disease.