Sell Diabetic Test Strips in Fort Wayne, IN

Sell Test Strips

If you’re asking yourself “Where can I sell diabetic test strips in Fort Wayne, IN“, Indiana Cash for Strips is our top choice.

Selling Strips Criteria;

They pay the highest for diabetic test strips that have at least 12 months or better before expiration. Test strips that have 9 months before expiration or shorter are bought at 60% reduced rates on their website. It’s best not to tear labels off, but use a soft sharpie market to carefully redact any kind of details. Do not apply hard pressure or get ink on the box itself. If you push to hard and it leaves an indentation on the box, they may not be able to purchase it. It’s best to let us remove the label so the box isn’t damaged. All products getting here to our center go through a process by where we delicately eliminate the labels without damaging or tearing packages. Also, all boxes must be fully sealed.

Waste Prevention

Selling diabetic test strips and also various other supplies is an efficient way to get cash for supplies that would otherwise be thrown out. Indiana Cash for Strips purchases unused materials and eventually they end in the hands of diabetics that can use them.┬áBy selling your diabetic supplies, you can make a little cash on the test strips you can’t use. Otherwise they would just expire in the drawer anyway and then nobody can use them.

Fast Cash for Test Strips

To get cash for diabetic strips you can visit their site at Indiana Cash for Strips, and also call them on the phone number listed on their website. We tried it, and a representative was able to provide a quote in 10 minutes, and then we met that same day.

Bear in mind that Indiana Cash for Strips DOES NOT purchase insulin, syringes or other prescription grade supplies. They are not licensed for those types of products and they do not have the lawful right to buy/sell those items. Indiana Cash for Strips can only purchase nonprescription lancets, test strips, and also lancing pens.