How Do I Feel After Using Progreens Powder?

Consuming supplements cannot fulfill the gaps left behind by a poor diet, high stress, or poor sleep patterns on your body. However, even if you follow a healthy lifestyle and maintain a balanced diet, it is not possible in this age of junk and adulterated food to remove all the nutrient deficiencies naturally. The food items that we eat these days always lack some of the essential nutrients.

To ensure that we consume as many superfoods and essential nutrients possible, it has become important to take some supplements. Recently, I came across the ProGreens powder from Jeervana and decided to try it out.

With so many nutritional marketing companies out there claiming that their product is the best, it is very difficult to decide who is actually speaking the truth. However, I was surprised to discover the ProGreens powder actually worked and I was very impressed by the overall results.

What is the Jeervana ProGreens Powder?

The Jeervana ProGreens powder is an advanced probiotic formula that consists of a wide range of superfoods, natural food factors – that is seldom not found in isolated mineral concentrates or vitamins, sea algae, green grasses, fiber, adaptogenic herbs, and many more nutrients. This powder is completely gluten-free and works as a wonderful nutritional supplement that fulfills the necessities of a healthy body and mind.

The package contains 9.27 oz or 265 gms and will easily last for a month. One scoop of this powder mixed with your juice, smoothie, or soup will bring about the desired changes in your health. This is a great food as medicine treatment.

How Does Jeevana Taste?

The taste of the powder is a subjective topic and can very well differ from one person to the other. Personally, I found the taste to be okay and didn’t notice any difference when I mixed the ProGreens powder with my morning smoothie. However, if you feel that the taste can be improved, you can easily stir in some sugar or lime juice to make it better. In case you do want to mix the powder in your smoothie, here are some ways in which you can mix the ProGreens powder and consume it.

  1. Add the ProGreens powder to an omelet or scrambled eggs
  2. Sprinkle a handful over roasted veggies
  3. Mix it into a vegetable dip
  4. Mix it in a salad dressing made at home

Whatever you do, do not heat the ProGreens powder as it may get rid of some of the nutrients and the probiotics present in the supplement.

What Effect Did the Powder Have On My Health?

It will always take a couple of months for any health supplement to start showing its effects on the body. After the first month, I could definitely feel more energy coursing through my body throughout the day. I sleep more deeply and wake up refreshed rather than being tired and sleep deprived in the morning.

In the second month there where more positive changes in my physical and mental health. My bowel movements improved, sleep cycle got regulated, and my appetite increased. Also, there was a very healthy glow on my skin and in my hair.

Here is a detailed overview of how I benefited from using the ProGreens Powder after taking it for three months:

Varied Benefits in One Powder:

Due to the presence of a wide variety of ingredients in this product, each of these nutrients benefited me in different ways. The mixture of plant extracts and nutrients in the ProGreens powder promoted overall wellness when combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet. The probiotic formula improved my digestive health and immune function. I was getting sick less often since I started using the ProGreens powder.

Prevented Chronic Diseases:

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the adaptogenic herbs and green grasses present in the product helped reduce the chronic diseases that I suffered and enhanced my immunity.

Apart from reducing the risk of chronic diseases, the ProGreens powder also prevents blood proteins like enzymes from sustaining damage. These enzymes shield the body from chronic diseases as well as cancer.

Improved Energy Levels:

As I stated earlier, I noticed a marked improvement in my energy levels without including too many calories or carbohydrates in my diet. Apart from a general increase in my energy, I also noticed that I was more alert of my surroundings and could focus more on the work at hand.

Why Choose Jeervana ProGreens Powder Over Isolated Vitamin Supplements?

It is a general rule to consume micronutrients sourced from whole foods rather than using isolated supplements in synthetic form like Vitamins, unless prescribed specifically by the doctor. This is advised as the micronutrients present sourced from whole foods work in tandem with each other and are found more abundantly in bioform than in synthetic forms.

Superfood powders like ProGreens contain more than 30 such micronutrients sourced from whole foods and plants. ProGreens is, therefore, a great source of vitamins, antioxidants, and micronutrients, which is one of the primary reasons that made me choose this product from the many options available in the market.

Jeervana ProGreens Powder Boosts and Reduces

The ProGreens powder boosted my immunity, improved my energy levels, reduced the risk of chronic diseases, improved digestive health, and promoted overall wellness of body and mind. I would recommend this probiotic supplement to all those who struggle to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle amidst the daily struggles of life.