Diabetes and Weight Loss

Over the decades, it is observed that there is a number of diabetes patient increase day by day and it origin due to the improper working of the digestive system (metabolism). Digestion system alludes to the way our bodies utilization processed nourishment for vitality and development. Diabetes and weight loss go hand in hand.

Glucose is a type of sugar exists in our blood that is the key of fuel for our bodies. In this way, glucose can’t dissolve in or body without the presence of insulin is a form of the pancreas that purpose to control the sugar level in our body. In the wake of eating, the pancreas naturally discharges a sufficient amount of insulin, when glucose enters the cells blood-glucose levels drop. In patients with diabetes, the nonattendance of an inadequate creation of or absence of reaction to insulin causes hyperglycemia. Diabetes is an interminable therapeutic condition, implying that in spite of the fact that it can be controlled, it endures forever.

diabetes and weight loss

What are the Types of Diabetes?

There are four different types of diabetes and they are and what they do:

  • Type 1 Diabetes
    • Type 1 Diabetes is the result the body’s immune system both attacking and destroying the beta cells of the pancreas
  • Type 2 Diabetes
    • Type 2 Diabetes is responsible for close to 95% of all instances of the chronic disease.
  • Gestational Diabetes
    • Gestational diabetes is the result of hyperglycemia in pregnancy. Women that get gestational diabetes are highly at risk for developing into Type 2 Diabetes at a later time in their life
  • Type 3 Diabetes
    • As a result of recent Alzheimer’s disease research, the disease has now designated as Type 3 Diabetes. It was discovered that Alzheimer’s disease is the result of insulin resistance in the brain.

weight loss diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes Weight Loss

Because of the body’s inability to produce glucose. Insufficient insulin prevents the body from getting glucose from the blood and distribute into the body’s cells to use as energy. When this occurs, the body starts burning fat and muscle for energy, causing a reduction in overall body weight.

Nowadays, there is no limit of age for those people that are suffering from this disease. It also observed that a large number of children suffering from this disease type two 2 diabetes. It damages the circulatory system of the particular patient and sometimes, it happened during the pregnancy period as well as it again exists in overweight people. For this precaution, doctors recommend the patient to use insulin on the regular basis that helps to control the excessive sugar level as well as prevent from damaging the other body organ internally

What Types of Food Should a Diabetic Diet Contain?

One of the most beneficial diets is the ketogenic diet. In a ketogenic diet, ketone bodies produced from burning fat for fuel have been shown to have potent weight loss effects, help lower blood glucose levels and reduce people’s reliance on diabetes medication.  A keto diet grocery list is often much easier to follow than you think! We always recommend using food as medicine as a way to manage any type of chronic illness or chronic disease.

Diabetes Medication and Weight Loss

Before you There are certain diabetes medicines that cause weight loss in diabetes sufferers. The medications that are most responsible for helping diabetes sufferers lose weight are:

Diabetes Symptoms

How do You Treat Type 1 and Type 2 Diet Diagnosis

For the treatment there the lots of ways to prevent themselves from this disease and also can avoid by the exercise. Furthermore, the patient needs to do walk on the regular basis for minimum 20-30 minutes per day. For instance, in markets there is a lot of diabetes food that helps to nourish the human body according to the diet.