Advantages and Disadvantages of Yoga Exercise

Yoga is an exercise that consistently works to battle stress, promote calmness and improve strength, flexibility and balance. Even though yoga has many benefits, the low-impact exercise isn’t necessarily a good fit for everyone. There are disadvantages of yoga exercise. There are many advantages of yoga over the other methods of maintaining health which include aerobics, gymnastics and other various forms of exercise. Yoga does not require any costly equipment and can be done anywhere even in the house or in the playground, and it can be done alone or in groups. All you need a thick carpet on the floor covered with a clean sheet of cloth.

What is Yoga?

It is usually practiced on an empty stomach and you can do it anytime during the day. It will benefit everyone whether one is elder, younger or older. It basically provides the protection against the ailments and different disorders in the body which have a bad effect on the body. Often yoga is a treatment for heroin withdrawal. Moreover, yoga provides the relaxation of muscles such as heart, lungs, endocrine glands, liver etc and it provides the good coordination between various functions especially the neuromuscular coordination.

What are the Disadvantages of  Yoga Exercise?

On the other hand,  there are cons of yoga. A major disadvantage of yoga exercise is that while yoga is a good form of exercise, it’s not an exercise that encourages you to burn a large amount of calories. Is yoga an exercise form that is a highly aerobic exercise? Although yoga is usually considered for weight loss it is not a fat burning enterprise. So don’t expect to do yoga to lose weight fast. Another major disadvantage of yoga is that it’s difficult to find a qualified instructor because currently there are no national certification program for instructors. There are however,  are some organizations that awards authorized certification of the course.

Who Should Avoid Yoga?

Yoga is not necessarily the best exercise for people suffering from diseases like glaucoma and high blood pressure should avoid or modify some yoga exercise poses. There are some other conditions that may not benefit from yoga, primarily being, asthma and arthritis. When yoga exercise is practiced without the consultation of an experienced instructor for a therapeutic purpose to cure ailments, some necessary restrictions are necessary. This is why yoga should not be practiced unless you have an expert.

While Yoga has Many Advantages There are Disadvantages of Yoga Exercise

All in all, yoga exercise is a low impact way to increase strength and flexibility while meeting people and having a bit of fun. Just be sure to remember that many of the disadvantages of yoga are easily avoided with a bit of proper planning. And remember, if you’re new to yoga, make sure to see your doctor before diving in. Enjoy.