5 Exercises to Reduce Morning Stiffness

Morning stiffness is slowness or difficulty moving the joints when getting out of bed. Stiffness when waking up in the morning is a common problem associated with arthritis. Morning stiffness causes you to hurt all over as you get out of bed. As you take your first steps, your joints and muscles ache so much, you want to crawl right back into bed. Early morning stiffness is a common problem for middle-aged to older adults, so let’s talk about some exercises to reduce morning stiffness.

Exercises to Reduce Morning Stiffness


A twist will help you restore balance and reduce morning stiffness. It will loosen up your lower back and make it more flexible.

  • Lie down on your back while your legs are straight
  • Keep your arms stretched on one side
  • Try to swing the right leg over the left leg and twist at the hip repeat it on the other side.

Neck and Shoulder Stretch

Move your chin forward and then carefully pull it back (while slightly tucking it in towards your throat). While performing this pose, make sure to keep your chin straight.

Likewise, perform Neck Rolls to reduce the problems of tense muscles and morning stiffness. Simply tilt your head at the right then gently roll it to your chest, it’s just that simple!

Leg Hug

Single leg hug is a great way to relax your leg muscles and ankle region. To perform this pose, lie on the back, while having your legs extended and keep your back straight. Also, keep your hips level and lower back down to the floor. Now, slowly bend the left knee and hug it towards your chest, while placing your hands on the back-side of your thigh.

Side Stretch

Do you know the benefits of side stretching? These poses can lengthen your muscles between the pelvis and ribs, including the parts of your low back and sides of your rib cage. A side stretch brings a great balance to the entire body.

To perform this type of yoga stretching exercise, try to stand in a posture so that the right hand is placed on the bed. Now, cross your left leg in front of the right leg. Shift into your left hip and try to reach the left arm up and over the head, so that it creates a long line from your left ankle to your left fingertips.

Long Stretch

Stretching has many benefits, such as stress release, faster recovery, pain relief, mindfulness, body awareness, flexibility, and better range of motion. Stretching (especially long stretch) is pretty helpful to reduce morning stiffness. To practice this stretching execrcise, deeply inhale and reach your arms high up your overhead. Next, exhale and switch back to your original or initial standing position.